Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We have screaming weasels nesting in the walls/roof of our house, waking us in a fright twice last night. The burly, cigar-smoking, Swiss forester came today to tell us: 1) It's their mating season and it's illegal to exterminate, and 2) He must first put out bits of chocolate and dates to see if, indeed, we have weasels. Apparently, if the dates and chocolate disappear, it's weasels.

Is my testimony of screaming vermin running through the walls in the night not enough to verify the existence of weasels? and could not the disappearance of dates and chocolate also indicate the existence of bears, foxes, or perhaps Wally the dog?

We called our neighbors next-door (with whom we share a roof) immediately to inform them of the weasels. They said…Oh, yes. We know! Apparently, they had the vermin first on their side of the house, and treated their half of the roof with odor-repellents. It worked…for them…for now the weasels have come to our side of the house to nest.

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